Saga Points Nexus


Introducing our Saga Points Rewards Program - a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support and active engagement within our community!

At Saga Fuel, we believe in celebrating every share, purchase, and captivating picture you share with us.

We've designed this program to recognize your commitment and encourage you to be an integral part of our journey.

With each action you take, whether it's sharing our content, making purchases, or referring friends, you'll earn Saga micro points.

These points aren't just numbers; they represent our gratitude and your status within our thriving community.

So keep sharing, keep shopping, and keep referring – your Saga micro points are your key to unlocking exclusive rewards and unforgettable experiences. Thank you for being a part of our story!


1 Saga Point = 1000 Micro Saga Points


1) Celebrating Birthdays = 1,000 Saga Micro Points
2) Purchasing Products (per euro spent) = 75 Micro Saga Points
3) Account Sign up = 100 Saga Points 
4) Share on Facebook = 100 Saga Points 
5) Follow Us on Instagram = 100 Saga Points 
6) Share on Twitter = 100 Saga Points 
7) Submit Setup/Workspace Picture = 100 Saga Points 
8) Submit Edited Epic Saga Clip = 100 Saga Points
9) Refer A Friend with your Unique Referral Link = 100 Saga Points
How To Earn Free Saga Points from Watching our Twitch Streams: 
Step 1: Follow Us on Twitch
Step 2During every Sagafuel Twitch livestream, we invite our dedicated viewers to participate in an exciting opportunity.
Viewers can share their email addresses in the chat, provided they use the same email registered on our official website. From all the emails written, we'll select lucky winners at random and reward them with free Micro Sagapoints. You never know, you might just be one of the fortunate ones to earn thousands of Micro Saga Points through sheer luck. So, make sure to join us for EVERY livestream, stay active in the chat, and seize the chance to earn Free Micro Saga Points while enjoying our content!



Saga Bronze

Qualifications: Spent €200 in the last 365 days

Benefits: Earn 5000 Saga Micro Points for reaching the tier


Saga Silver: 

Qualifications: Spent €300 in the last 365 days

Benefits: Earn 7000 Saga Micro Points for reaching the tier


Saga Gold:

Qualifications: Spent €500 in the last 365 days

Benefits: Earn 8000 Saga Micro Points for reaching the tier




NOTES: (You can view your micro saga points at the bottom right of our website screen)