The Saga Begins

Saga Fuel is the the beginning of an Epic Saga unline any other you have ever seen before...

Our journey begins in Sagaheim, a land of Ancient Magic, Wisdom, a land of hope and wonders.


There are Three gods, their names unknown, they live in the elemental kingdom, the gods keep the balance in sagaheim, thousands of years ago there was war all over sagaheim for eons and then a force unknown to the world created the gods, the three gods could manipulate space and time.

The gods cultivate the strongest powers in all of sagaheim... the forbidden powers that, whoever possesses is very dangerous towards sagaheim

These powers although not wise to call them by their name 'Blood Magic and Emotional Manipulation', or as the common folk call them:

Red and Blue


The gods raised a great army that finally brought an end to the Great War.

Then the gods created the Arena of fate where every year 100 gifted ones are called upon to fight. (the gifted ones are the individuals who are born with special powers throughout sagaheim, they are the ones who were blamed for the great war because of their powers)

The Gifted ones are people with great powers, thousands are born every year all over Sagaheim. The ones with great powers have the strength to create chaos so the gods call upon them as a precaution to avoid another war from happening….

This is where the the journey of a young Warrior coming from the family of paladins begins! his epic journey he creates bonds with amazing characters and embarks on a quest to recruit others with the same cause.

Although his goal is far fetched he is willing to fight for it.

Learn more about the Story of Sagaheim in Season 2 of SagaFuel Coming Soon....